5 Common Reasons for Pediatric Office Visits

5 Common Reasons for Pediatric Office Visits

In addition to regular well-child visits, kids and their parents make several trips to family doctors for varied reasons. Some of these trips are necessitated by symptoms or acute illnesses that make parents schedule appointments with doctors. Nevertheless, there are common reasons why most parents and their kids make pediatric office visits more often. They include the following:

  1. Cough

Cough is among the most common reasons for pediatric office visits. This may surprise you but it is true. Most children cough when mucus trickles down at the back of their throat due to common cold. Many children miss school due to common cold. It’s normal for your child to have over 8 colds each year. That’s because apart from common cold being caused by over 200 viruses, their immunity is not strong enough to resist them.

2. Ear Infections

Ear infections are very common among young children. Many children get ear infections before they hit their third birthday. Ear pain or ear infection is a major reason for pediatric office visits. The reason ear infections are so common among children is due to the narrowness of their ear canal. When water and air accumulate in the middle ear due to bacteria and inflammation, pressure is created leading to intense pain. In most cases, ear infection occurs after an infection of the upper respiratory part or cold.

3. Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

This condition occurs when a bacterial, viral, or allergic reaction causes inflammation of a membrane covering the eyelid of a child from the inside as well as the white eye part. Pink eye is contagious and it’s common among children without proper hygiene.

4. Strep Throat

This condition affects schooling children. If the sore throat of a child lasts more than one week and they experience a rash, excessive drooling, painful swallowing, swollen glands, enlarged tonsils, nausea, appetite loss, and enlarged tonsils, they most likely have strep throat.

5. Stomach Bug

This is the infection of the intestines that causes diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. It’s also called gastroenteritis and it is caused by viruses like the norovirus. In some cases, gastroenteritis is caused by food poisoning.

These are the 5 common reasons for pediatric office visit. Partner with a reputable, professional pediatrician to ensure the overall wellness and health of your child. Looking for more tips, check out this blog I read recently.