5 Reasons to Break Up with a Pediatrician

When you choose a pediatrician for your child, everything might seem great at the beginning. However, things might not work as expected over time. So, what should compel you to stop taking your child for regular checkups and treatment at a pediatrician’s office? Here are some of the reasons Dr Ruiz-Healy shared to break up with a pediatrician.

You Don’t Get Your Concerns Addressed

If the pediatrician is always running the show during your visits, it might be time to break up with them. Essentially, the pediatrician should listen to your concerns and address them. That’s because you are the advocate of your child and you deserve to have the pediatrician hear and address your concerns. So, if you leave the pediatrician’s office with the questions you came with, stop seeing the same doctor.

No Follow Ups

When you point out an issue with the health and wellbeing of your child and the pediatrician promises to follow it up but end up not doing it, consider breaking up with them. That’s because failure to follow up is a sign that the pediatrician is overwhelmed and incapable of looking out for the best interests of your child. Since you follow the instructions provided by the pediatrician, you expect them to keep their promises too.

The Pediatrician has become a Pushover

A pediatrician should provide scientific data, information, and advice that only a trained and experienced specialist can offer. For instance, if you visit a pediatrician to have your child receive a vaccine at the wrong time, the pediatrician advice you otherwise and provide reasons. But, if the pediatrician always fulfills your desires without questions, they are not serving the interests of your child. Therefore, consider getting another pediatrician.

Rushed Physical Exams

Modern day parents can get accurate and detailed medical information on the internet. However, you still need to visit a pediatrician to have your child examined properly. So, if your current pediatrician rushes physical exams, look for another doctor.

No Certification

If you realize that your current pediatrician does not possess board certification, look for another one. It might surprise you but some pediatricians practice without the American Board of Pediatrics’ certification. Unfortunately, such pediatricians may not provide quality health care services to your child.

These are the major reasons to break up with a pediatrician. If you face any of them, take time to identify a qualified pediatrician that will always serve the interests of your child.

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