How a Pediatrician Differs from a Physician

How a Pediatrician Differs from a Physician

Pediatricians and physicians are medical doctors. However, both can treat patients of varying ages. They can also focus on varying medical issues. But, though pediatricians and physicians offer medical care, pediatricians specialize in providing care to young patients.

A Physician

A physician is generally a medical doctor. This is a professional with post-secondary education that has earned them a medical degree. What’s more, a physician has completed residency training and internship as part of training. Every medical doctor has to be licensed and provide medical services during erratic hours anytime of a day or night. Working for long hours is physically taxing. Therefore, a physician should be physically fit.

The responsibilities of physicians include:

  • Setting scheduled appointments with patients
  • Checking patients’ test results
  • Ordering medical tests to confirm diagnosis
  • Discussing the health issues of patients
  • Teaching patients the best ways to take care of injuries
  • Prescribing medications and referring patients to the right specialists

A Pediatrician

Pediatricians are physicians whose specialty is taking care of young patients. A pediatrician primarily attends to teenagers, children and infants. Pediatricians are required to pursue a medical degree, complete internship and pediatric medicine residency in preparation of specialization in their field. A pediatrician should have effective communication skills to communicate with people of different ages properly. That’s because pediatricians are required to work with the parents of their patients.  

The responsibilities of pediatricians include:

  • Setting up medical appointments with young patients and their parents
  • Teaching parents and patients about the health issues that affect them
  • Reviewing the charts of their patients to ensure that they have received the necessary immunizations
  • Determining whether patients need specialized care and referring them  to specialists
  • Ensuring that parents know the nutritional requirements of their kids

Both physicians and pediatricians see patients for regular checkups and assessment of medical issues. However, a pediatrician sees young patients more often to ensure their normal growth and provide the necessary vaccinations. Thus, while a physician specializes in a specific medical field and works with patients of all ages, a pediatrician works with young patients.

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