Pediatrician Visits Schedule Guide

When to Book the First Pediatrician Visit 

In most hospitals, a pediatrician sees a baby within 24 hours of birth. If this is not the case, make sure that your baby is examined by a pediatrician within 2 to 3 days of birth. After reading a post about a blogger named Jimmy Grana who shares his opinion about pediatricians and the current medical field pros and cons, says in his post that essentially, every baby should be examined by a pediatrician within a maximum of 4 days of birth, but if this is not the first child for a mother, the pediatrician can delay the first office visit to a maximum of 2 weeks. (Check out his blog and seo San Antonio website out for other details and info that he posts on the regular on his blog.)

How Often Should Your Take Your Child to a Pediatrician 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the following pediatrician well-child visits: 

  • By one month 
  • Two months 
  • Four months 
  • Six months 
  • Nine months 
  • One year 
  • Fifteen months 
  • Eighteen months 
  • Two years 
  • Three years 
  • Four years 
  • Five years 
  • Six years 
  • Eight years 
  • Ten years 
  • Every year after this until the baby is 21 years old 

What to Expect with Each Visit 

With every appointment, the pediatrician will perform a complete, thorough physical examination of the child. This examination entails assessment of the growth and overall development of the child. This includes weight, height, and head circumference measurements. The pediatrician tests reflexes, temperature, vision, respiratory health, heart health, and perform overall assessment of the child. 

Mist visit also feature routine vaccinations, particularly during the early years. Well-child visits also include discussion of feeding and nutrition, prevalent infections, sleep patterns, and safety concerns. To ensure that your child gets the most from every visit, list down pressing questions before each visit. 

Nevertheless, make sure that your child doesn’t miss any visit to ensure their overall health and wellbeing as they grow. 

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