Signs That a Newborn Is Sick and Needs a Pediatrician

Some signs of a sick newborn baby are apparent. For instance, if you notice blood in a newborn’s stool, you should see a pediatrician. Similarly, your baby should see a doctor if you notice blood in their vomit. Also, call your pediatrician if your baby is limp, has a seizure, or difficulty breathing.

Here are other signs that your newborn baby is sick and should see a pediatrician: 

  • Your baby has not been feeding for a while
  • The child vomits or has diarrhea more than is usual.
  • Your child has a cold that is not improving or is getting worse.
  • You’ve noticed a rash on the baby.
  • You’ve noticed dehydration signs like a reduction in wet diapers and crying without shedding tears. Your child could also be sick if they have a soft spot on the head or sunken eyes.
  • The baby can’t stop crying.
  • Ear damage

These signs may not necessitate an immediate visit to a pediatrician’s office. However, there are more serious issues that should prompt you to visit a pediatrician right away.

Signs You Should Visit the Pediatrician Immediately 

Maybe you’ve noticed something unusual with your baby, and you’re not sure whether you should rush to your pediatrician’s office. Here are signs that you need to call or visit your pediatrician with your baby right away.

  • You suspect your baby has food poisoning 
  • Your baby can’t mode
  • Your newborn baby is bleeding nonstop
  • Your newborn has yellow eyes or skin
  • Your baby’s rectal temperature is 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or even higher
  • The baby is sleeping long hours than usual and doesn’t want to wake up

You should not hesitate to call or visit your pediatrician if you notice something that concerns you about a newborn baby. That’s because parental instincts are mostly right. What’s more, it’s better to have your pediatrician tell you not to worry about something rather than assume and regret it later.

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