Things that Pediatricians Wish New Parents Could Stop Doing

There is no handbook for new parents to follow, so therefore, Jimmy from the Techy Ninjas shared his feelings as a parent that unsuspecting parents have to figure out the things to do and avoid on their own. Unfortunately, some new parents do things that end up hurting their children. These are the things that professional pediatricians wish new parents could stop doing. They include the following.

Getting Medical Advice from the Internet 

When a baby shows symptoms that make a parent freak out, they may turn to the internet to seek medical advice. Although some trusted sites may provide useful information, it’s important to avoid diagnosing a child over the internet. The best approach is to take your child to a reliable pediatrician. That’s because not all the information found on the internet is accurate and reliable. 

Requesting Antibiotics 

Every parent wants their child to get well as quickly as possible. However, antibiotics are not the answer to everything. The only time when antibiotics are the appropriate treatment is when a child has a bacterial infection. On the other hand, viral illnesses can’t be treated with antibiotics. For instance, coughs and colds do not require antibiotics. Additionally, giving antibiotics to a child more often will cause resistance. This will make fighting off bacteria harder in the future. 

Refusing Vaccinations

Some new parents refuse vaccinations and instead, demand alternative schedules for vaccines. Some parents know the importance of vaccines. However, they are concerned about having their children get more vaccines at a go. Immunizations are important for the prevention of debilitating and deadly childhood diseases. Some vaccines should be combined to ensure equal effectiveness. And, research has been done to ensure that the immune system is not overwhelmed by their combination. If vaccines are delayed, a baby can go unprotected longer than necessary. This can increase the risk of developing debilitating and deadly childhood diseases. 

In addition to these things that pediatricians wish new parents could stop doing, doctors are against the idea of skipping well-child visits. That’s because most health problems are diagnosed and treated during these visits. New parents are also advised during these visits.

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