What to Expect from a Pediatrician at Birth

Your baby should be examined by a pediatrician within 24 hours of their birth. The pediatrician should perform a full exam of the baby. This enables them to determine whether the baby’s body is functioning normally. The basic newborn skin tone, reflexes, hip stability and alertness are checked. The pediatrician focuses on ensuring that the baby is responding well and looking healthy. When performing this examination, the pediatrician does the following: 

Taking Measurements 

This entails measuring the length of the baby, which is eventually called the height. They also measure the head circumference and weight of the baby. These measurements are recorded on the growth chart of the baby. As such, you will have a chance to find out how the baby compares with other infants of their age and ensure that they do not have problematic signs. 

Developmental Surveillance

During the initial appointment, the pediatrician will gauge the development of your child. The pediatrician will observe the behavior of your child at birth. Later on, they will ask you about the milestones made by the baby. These may include rolling over and sitting up. They will gauge this in relation to the age of the baby and inquire whether you have concerns about the growth and development of your baby. 

Behavioral or Psychosocial Assessment 

You will be asked about the behavior of your child at birth and later on. The pediatrician will also observe the actions or reactions of the baby. This enables the pediatrician to rule out behavioral or psychological issues. 

Physical Exam 

The pediatrician performs a head-to-toe examination of the baby. This includes checking their mouth, eyes, ears, skin, abdomen, lungs, legs, hips, and genitalia. This enables the pediatrician to be sure that the baby is healthy. The doctor will particularly be keen on the soft spots of the head of the bay. This disappears within a year or one and a half years after the fusion of the skull bones. The pediatrician will also check the head shape to ensure that it is rounding out normally. 

Basically, these are some of the things to expect from a pediatrician at birth and later one. The goal is to ensure that your body is healthy at birth and developing properly thereafter. 

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